Do You Know Who Honey Boo Boo Is? [POLL]
Her name is Alana Thompson, she is a recurring cast member of the TLC reality television show Toddlers & Tiaras. Now she is the star of her own spin off called Honey Boo Boo. She is known for her outlandish behavior and drinking 'Go-Go Juice' which is a Red Bull and Mountai…
Woman Has Doll Obsession
One woman from Staten Island has an obsession with life like baby dolls and has an apartment full of them. She's married with three kids but has over 300 dolls and has them arranged in cribs and carriages pretending they are her real children.
TLC Cancels ‘Kate Plus 8′
TLC, seems to be pushing the envelope more and more these days, with extreme freakish subjects on the network's many reality freak shows. Kate Gosselin and her brood of eight will go back to living life without cameras soon, as TLC cancels "Kate Plus 8." The show's final …

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