Flint-Area Cooling Centers Provide Relief
Remember when we were kids, and didn't have air conditioning? Seriously, how did we manage?
Sometimes my parents would pile us into the car, and we'd drive. Aimlessly. For hours. It was arguably almost as bad as staying at home and enduring the heat.
As temps are expected to be near 100 tomorrow, and …
Strong Storm Knocks Out Power For 5,000
The strong thunderstorm that passed through Genesee County yesterday afternoon knocked out power  and brought down tree in some areas.More than 5,000 people, mostly in the Fenton area, lost power.
Massive Dust Storm Engulfs Phoenix, Arizona [VIDEO]
Yesterday (July 5th, 2011) a massive dust storm engulfed Phoenix, Arizona delaying flights and leaving thousands without power. Also known as a Haboob, this massive dust cloud made it's way from Tucson, Arizona to Phoenix as part of Arizona's monsoons season. Keep reading to find out more …