The Future Is Now
In September of 2011 we told you that Nike was making the future happen with one of the best examples of life imitating art we've ever seen. With a limited run of only 1,500 pair, the Nike Air Mags sold for a combined total of $5.6 billion dollars...
Vending Machines With Ballet Flats Appearing In Bars
How many times do we wear uncomfortable shoes because they look cute and can barely walk by the end of the night? If you're like me, I don't like taking my shoes off and walk around barefoot because I would rather still be in pain because of germs!
A couple of smart girls have just bought t…
Shoe Tree In Davison Township
Saw this while driving down Lippincott just over a mile east of M-15 today.   This is along one of my favorite running routes, and I have passed it hundreds of times.