Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton Getting His Own ABC Sitcom. Seriously.
Something told us that his recent resurgence in popularity with the Lonely Island's "Jack Sparrow" and even the recent guest spot on 'Two and a Half Men' wouldn't be the last we've heard of Michael Bolton.  Indeed, it seems the legendary singer may soon have his own show on ABC, or at the very least, his daughter will, as development has begun on 'Michael Bolton's Daughter is Destroying
New Michael Bolton, Featured in Dancing With The Stars Tonight [AUDIO]
Remember last year when Bruno said Michael Bolton's Hound-Dog Jive was the worst jive he'd seen in 11 seasons?  If I recall correctly, Len said he needed a pooper scooper to clean up after it.  Well Bolton returns tonight, but this time, not for more abuse from the judges. Tonight, Michael teams up with Australian singer Delta Goodrem to perform "I'm Not Ready", a new song from his forth
Workday 108 Trivia – Join The Club
What do Carl Lewis, Michael Bolton and Cuba Gooding, Sr. all have in common? Remember, once you know the answer to today's question, be sure to enter it here, for your chance at even more online fun. Read More to hear the answer.
7 Singers Other Than Christina Aguiera Who Flubbed the National Anthem
Christina Aguilera has the right kind of voice to belt out a memorable national anthem. Unfortunately, her performance at Super Bowl XLV will be remembered for the wrong reason. As you've probably heard, Aguilera flubbed the anthem, forgetting the lyric "oíer the ramparts we watched." Aguilera is far from the first person to botch the Star Spangled Banner. Check out last night's flub an