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Jennifer Lopez To Tie The Knot? – Not!
Jennifer Lopez has a a divorce in the process from hubby Marc Anthony, but now there are rumbles that the "couger" in her is about to appear. The runmor is that she and Casper Smart, her 24 year-old lover, are already planning the nuptials
Jennifer Lopez Returning to American Idol
Jennifer Lopez is returning to American Idol next season with a nice raise of $20 million, according to MSNBC. Last year she made $12 million but after her demands producers gave in and agreed to the $20 million. This guarantees her one more year of Idol, but I was hoping they would find some other …
Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony Divorcing
Kevin Winter, Getty Images
People magazine reports that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are getting a divorce. The couple say the split was mutual and they're asking everyone to leave them alone for now. This comes just after Lopez announced she was returning to American Idol next season.
‘American Idol’s’ Jennifer Lopez is a Diva
Apparently, Jennifer Lopez has a reputation on the set of 'American Idol' and it's not a good one. No surprise to hear that she's a guys guy, so whenever guys are around she's cool and fun to be with. But, as soon as a female is on set, she's gets very moody and grouchy…
Idol Judge Appears Genuine [VIDEO]
In my opinion, this is the first time in ten seasons we've seen actual sincerity from an "American Idol" judge!
Jennifer Lopez seemed to take it harder than the eliminated contestant Wednesday night when she broke down in tears after telling Chris Medina that he would not be moving on in th…
Hollywood Week – Too Many People? [VIDEO]
I am so glad that Hollywood Week is starting on American Idol.  Usually, I enjoy the auditions, but this season it felt long and tedious to me.  Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez put so many undeserving contestants through at the start of the auditions, that I began to get frustrated.
Life After Simon Cowell!
I am the self-proclaimed biggest American Idol fan in the country.  I watch the show every week, I vote for my favorites not just once, but up to 100 times if I really like contestant.  I Google the contestants, host and judges just to find out as much information as I can about them. …

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