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Michigan Gas Prices Are Starting To Drop
Gas prices have gone down an average of four cents in Michigan recently, but is that enough to safely say we're on the decline? Probably not.
Gas prices in Flint alone have gone down by five cents, leaving Detroit with the highest gas prices in Michigan set at $3...
Flint Gas Prices Are On The Rise
According to AAA gas prices in Michigan are up by 15 cents from last week and it doesn't look like they have any plans on slowing down on raising prices.
This is your typical cash grab for every Summer, but prices are getting a bit too high...
Mich Gas Prices Down
Gas prices have dropped about 18 cents from last week AAA Michigan reports and the lowest prices in the state can be found in the Flint area.
Gas Prices Are Falling
The cost of cast has fallen in the Flint area to the lowest prices since 2010. And despite a possible small and temporary uptick, those prices are expected to continue to fall through November.

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