foul ball

Ouch! Reporter Hit By World Series Foul Ball
For the Detroit Tigers this World Series has not been about their hitting  the ball. But someone must get a hit. So, how about a TV reporter taking a shot on the ankle while he is  covering the game? Ouch! Watch it happen!
Baseball Fan Catches Back-to-Back Home Runs [VIDEO]
Imagine going a Detroit Tigers game, and catching a home-run ball. Then the next batter steps up to the plate, smacks a home run, and you snatch that ball too!
It didn't happen at Comerica Park, but Cincinnati Reds fan Caleb Lloyd should buy a lottery ticket after he beat the odds Monday night a…
Mean Couple Keeps Foul Ball from Crying Kid [VIDEO]
Eighth inning, Rangers and Yankees in Arlington, and Mitch Moreland tosses a foul ball into the stands. It's caught! But the recipients appear to be the most obnoxious couple ever. Not only did they miss a great opportunity to do something nice for a nearby toddler, she taunted the boy as he cried.
Talented Dad Catches Foul Ball While Holding A toddler [VIDEO]
Have you ever caught a foul ball while attending  a professional baseball game? I almost did several years ago. It was Detroit Tiger opening day I was with my son Josh, the ball was coming at me ,I stood up to get it I missed and the ball hit my seat the guy behind me grabbed it. Very embarrass…

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