Woman Sent To Prison For Biting Off Guy’s Nose
A Michigan woman was sentenced to 46 months in prison for biting off the tip of some guy's nose. The guy was left permanently disfigured, as she plead guilty to a charge of assault, resulting in serious bodily injury. The two were on an Indian reservation when a fight broke out and she bit off the tip of the guy's nose, cut him with a knife and hit him with a lamp...
Nine College Students Expelled One For Fighting And Eight For Watching [VIDEO]
I get the whole you shouldn't be fighting while going to school thing. But, being expelled because I was just watching? I must admit that in high school when a fight broke out you could have sold tickets. Everybody stood around and watched but they were not expelled. This happened at Dean College in Massachusetts. The rest of the story and the fight video after the jump.
Woman Cheered Her Son on as He Beat Another Boy
Another parent of the year award goes to a woman in California, who was actually cheering on her son as he was beating someone up. She was actually caught taping it and she was encouraging her son to beat down another boy. Luckily, she was arrested and faces child endangerment and contributing to the delinquency of a minor...