easter bunny

Meet The World’s Largest Chocolate Easter Bunny [VIDEO]
My first question, would you start with the ears? This Sculptured chocolate bunny currently holds the world record. The bunny was done by artist Harry Johnson. It was modeled after the Duracell bunny. It weighs in at over three-tons. Take a look and have a happy Easter.
Some Kids Get Completely Freaked Out By The Easter Bunny [VIDEO]
Are your kids a little afraid of the Easter Bunny? Were you when you were a kid? I was not, and I was very determined to meet him, however, I never did get the chance. Like Santa Claus and clowns the Easter Bunny causes terror in the life of some small children. Here are five adorable videos featuring kids who are completely freaked out by the Easter Bunny.
Kids Scared By The Easter Bunny [VIDEO]
When you were a kid which one of the big three were you scared of, Santa Clause, Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. I was always afraid of running into Santa on Christmas Eve, not because it would screw up the whole gift-receiving thing, but I just thought he was scary looking. The Easter Bunny, however, was a different story. Read more and check out the video after the jump.