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Demi Moore Now The World’s Most Coveted Cougar
Demi Moore has been through a lot over the past year.  From her split with Ashton Kutcher, to her downward spiral of health problems.  But now the actress, who is obsessed with her youth and just turned 50 yesterday, is getting some good news.  She now carries the title of "W…
Money Changes Everything
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher split up last November, shortly after his penis tripped and fell into another woman. So why haven't either of them filed for divorce yet?
Turns out it's all about the benjamins.
Public Meltdown Embarrasing For Demi Moore
There is an aftermath to Demi Moore’s recent hospitalization. People close to her are starting to share information about the troubled star’s past few months and her embarrassment over the public spectacle it’s become.
Fed Up: Demi Moore Kicks Ashton Kutcher to the Curb
Maybe Demi Moore thinks "Two And A Half Men" isn't as good this season with Ashton Kutcher as its new costar? Oh, wait - that's what I think...
Moore is likely more upset about the cheating. Reports today say the Hollywood couple is calling it quits, and ending their six-y…