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Marijuana Pipe Found In Kid's Meal
Somehow I don't get the feeling that the pot pipe in question was ever meant to be a toy for the Burger King kid's meal purchased in southeast Michigan recently.
So what was it doing in the kid's meal box? Find out here.
Burger King’s Bacon Sundae, Will You Eat One?
Burger King is revamping their menu and adding several new sandwiches made from pork, beef and chicken. A summer bar-b-que theme seems to be happening there. That includes dessert. Burger King will now give you a chance to add bacon...to your ice cream sundae.
Burger King Offering Home Delivery
If you live in the Washington, DC area, you could now order Burger King and they will deliver it to you. They are doing a test at four of their chains and may expand the service to other states. There would be a $2 delivery charge, while minimum orders vary from $8 to $10.
Burger King’s Creepy Mascot Out On His Buns
Clowns have creeped me out ever since I saw Stephen King's thriller "It;"  Bozo, Ronald, even Krusty.  But nothing is creepier than Burger King's 'King' mascot.
Burger King launched a new ad campaign just over a week ago and made the announcement that t…
Meat Monster His Tokyo
Here's another healthy sandwich that Burger King in Japan has produced. It's called the Meat Monster, which has two ground beef patties, two slices of cheese, three strips of bacon and chicken between two buns. The sandwich looks really good, but would you actually try it...