bungee jumping

Bachelor Party Bungee Prank [VIDEO]
Imagine you're preparing for your bachelor party and your buddy suggests bungee jumping. And then your buddy adds a twist, "We're going to blindfold you." Oh, OK. Kokovstov is the unlucky groom to be.
He thinks a 50 foot jump but it's only a three-foot plunge into a s…
Woman Bungee Jumps In Wheelchair [Video]
A woman in Canada recently went bungee jumping in her wheelchair. Her dream was made possible through an adventure company who specializes in helping people with disabilities achieve their extreme sports dreams. Check out this inspiring video after the jump.
Bungee Cord Breaks Over River [Video]
I've never had a desire to bungee jump and this is another reason why I don't want to try it. A woman from Australia went bungee jumping in South Africa, but her cord snapped causing her to fall into crocodile infested waters.
She still managed to swim to shore, even with the cord still being tied to…