Gordon Young Blends Humor, Sensitivity In Flint Book
It's very easy to over indulge in Flint bashing these days, but it takes real effort to portray our struggling city and the Flintoids that refuse to budge with humor and sensitivity. That's exactly what Gordon Young, Flint native turned author, manages to do in his new book 'Teardown: Memoir of a Va…
Man Steals 1,100 Books From The Library
We all have our passions, and sometimes those passions just take over our lives and cause us to do extraordinary things. Such is the case to a gentleman in Japan.
It is the story of a 61-year-old man who Japanese police say stole nearly 1,100 library books to satisfy what appears to be a case of klep…
Flint Public Library Now Closed on Mondays
I had 90 minutes to kill between meetings at work today, so I headed downtown to the Flint Public Library hoping to find something from Ernest Hemingway (one of my favorite authors).  I was disappointed, as were several others who had come to the library only to find the doors locked.