Bomb Scare In Colorado Caused By Telemarketer
Dealing with the public is always a challenge. To add to the challenge, a telemarketer can face some of the most irate public there is. Often the marketer is interrupting people at bad times, and they don't want to hear it so they hang up on you.  This comes with the job. Which means, you shouldn’t threaten to bomb their homes when it happens.
Ambassador Bridge Reopens Following Bomb Threat
Traffic was allowed to travel the Ambassador Bridge around 1:00am this morning after it was closed for hours due to a bomb threat. A man in Detroit called in the threat about 7:15 p.m., saying "There is a bomb at the Ambassador Bridge scheduled to go off in 10 minutes," according to officials.
Bomb Sits in Detroit Federal Office for Weeks Unchecked
In late February, a security guard at a U.S. federal office building in Detroit, MI, found a suspicious package. He brought the package into the building, placed it in the lost and found and went on his merry way. The package sat until March 18, when someone at the office decided to X-ray it to see what was inside. The contents? A bomb that had been there all along, according to ABC News. Read Mor