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Betty White Celebrates Her 90th Birthday [VIDEO]
Following a career spanning over six decades, Betty White has become an American treasure.  She celebrated her 90th birthday with a live broadcast on NBC.  People that she has worked with over the years came out to take part in the fun.
As if working on the series "Hot In Cleveland" isn't e…
Betty White Most Trusted Celebrity
You're probably not surprised to hear that Betty White has been voted the most trusted and popular celebrity, according to a Reuters poll on Yahoo. She's also the person most likely to drive up sales in brands she endorses.
Betty White Turns Down Marine Corps Ball
Yesterday, a marine had posted a video asking Betty White to go with him to the Marine Corps Ball in November. It was very creative and I was hoping she would say yes. Unfortunately, she had to turn him down because she's going to be taping "Hot in Cleveland...
Betty White Invited To Marine Corps Ball [Video]
You've probably heard about some Marines asking Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis to the Marine Corps Ball in November and now you can add Betty White on the potential list of attendees. Sgt. Ray Lewis has made a video asking Betty White to be his date to the ball and thinks she's very funny, sweet a…
Betty White Gives Tips for a Long and Happy Life [VIDEO]
I love Betty White! And at age 89, she is still going strong.
Are you looking to live a long and healthy life? If so, you might want to take her advice.
Last night, the Emmy-winning TV legend appeared on 'The Late Show With David Letterman,' during which she revealed her own tips on how to m…

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