Cow Escapes Meat Plant And Ends Up At Sonic [VIDEO]
In cow language Sonic must mean you're safe here. While sitting at the Sonic enjoying a burger watching a cow walk by what would you be thinking? Wow, I didn't realize they did all that right here at the restaurant. No wonder the burger taste so fresh.
See the cow after the jump.
Genius Cow Pumps Its Own Water [VIDEO]
We all know cows give us milk and other dairy products, lately we've even watched them talking in TV ads. But I bet you've never seen a cow pump its own water. Have you? Check out the cute video after the jump.
Taco Bell Fights Back [VIDEO]
Honestly, I don't care WHAT the beef is made of!
In addition to this YouTube video, the company has taken out full-page ads in some major U.S. publications, with big bold letters, stating:  "Thank you for suing us", in an attempt at damage control after recent allegations that their beef do…