Several middle school students in Ohio may face criminal charges after allegedly putting bodily fluids in food which was served to teachers.

[WARNING:  The nature of this story and the contents of the video below may be disturbing.]

Olentangy School administrators say that the incident occurred during a student cooking competition which was part of a 'Global Gourmet' class. The students are said to have contaminated crepes with urine and/or semen before serving them to the teachers who were judging the competition.

The Delaware County Sheriff's Department tells WBNS that a video depicting the contamination was circulating the school on Thursday. (5/16)

The students could face felony assault charges because the alleged act occurred at a school and was directed at a teacher.

A lawyer for one for the students claims the act could have been "mocked up" in order to create the illusion of the act for the video.

Officials with the sheriff's office are conducting a lab analysis to see if the food was actually contaminated.

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