Living through a Michigan winter can range from uncomfortable to absolutely unbearable, but these amazing Pure Michigan moments from Instagram remind us that winter is not without its beauty.

As far as Michigan winters go -- this one hasn't been too bad. We haven't had but a handful of heavy snowstorms and the temps have bounced back and forth quite regularly. We'll get a few weeks of cold, a few weeks of unusual warmth... the point is that this is definitely better than the brutal, record-breaking winter of 2014.

While all the snow has melted, and most everything visible from my window is either completely devoid of color or a lifeless shade of light brown, these pictures remind me that Michigan summers don't hold exclusive rights to breathtaking scenery. No, there are plenty of sights to behold even in the dead of winter. I'm not a "winter guy" anymore, but these amazing photos almost make me wish spring takes its time getting here... almost.

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