You may have heard over the weekend that Gander Mtn. is going out of business, and closing all of its 162 stores. Not so fast. The rumor mill took a misleading web post, and ran with it. Imagine that.

Over the weekend, the retailer advertised a 'going out of business' sale -- but it really should have called it a liquidation sale.

The chain's new owner, Marcus Lemonis, owns Gander Mtn.'s intellectual property and stores, but did not purchase any of its inventory. All of the merchandise in Gander's existing stores will be sold off by a liquidator, and about 70 stores will then be restocked, and rebranded as 'Camping World.'

"I keep seeing reports from news organizations in cities where Gander Mountains exist that all stores are closing and they are not,” Lemonis said. “All stores are liquidating and the inventory in there is going to go away, but the stores aren’t closing.”

An associate at the Miller Rd. location confirmed that the Flint store will remain open.


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