I don't think the folks at Kraft foods intended on this being a new flavor. A 10-year-old Mooresville, North Carolina boy made a disturbing discovery in his Capri Sun juice pack the other day.

His mom called Channel 9 after she said her son almost choked on a worm. I know the first call I would make after that discovery would be to the local television station.

The complete story and the Channel 9 photos after the jump.

Christina Stewart said her son began choking after taking a sip from the juice pack. Christina went on to say her son then pulled the worm out of his mouth. Stewart then called Kraft Foods, the parent company of Capri Sun and she was told someone would call her within 48 hours to learn more about her case.

Stewart is now waiting for the test results to come back to know for sure what the substance is. Take a look at the photo gallery below.