Anne and I took a trip yesterday to the 'North American International Auto Show' in Detroit. I took some pictures of a few things that caught my eye. Also, I have an opinion on the new Corvette.Let me share.To begin with if your planning on going dress warm and take some patience. It's crazy down there. We thought we would miss the crowds if we went on a weekday, not so. The place is buzzing.

Out of all the displays both foreign and domestic, I would have to say Ford and the Lincoln brands get the A. Incredible displays. Was a little disappointed with the GM display. Lack of interesting content. But they do have one display that's interesting. The Corvette display was drawing a lot of attention. My opinion of the new Corvette: It's very pretty and you could say it's an engineering marvel. Plus it will cruise at speeds of up to 200mph. The looks are a little disappointing to me. It looks like a cross between the Batmobile and a Viper. I have owned 3 Corvettes so far. I currently own a 1968 convertible.  I had hoped for more of a retro look. That's the view from the cheap seats.

With that let me share my favorites from the auto show. My taste in vehicles is all over the map. I know I said my five favorites..I lied, here's six.





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