Data from a new poll shows that more than 63% of Michigan voters think that Governor Whitmer is doing a good job handling the pandemic.

That seems hard to believe if you spend any amount of time on social media. The comment section has become a place where people go to bash Whitmer, and sometimes it can get ugly. The poll from the Detroit Regional Chamber shows a different story though.

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The poll shows a number of statistics relating to how voters feel that Michigan has handled the pandemic overall. Now keep in mind, if you disagree with the poll, there were only about 600 people involved in the poll, so it's obviously not going to be in line with everyone.

Some of the general findings that the poll revealed about Michigan's Covid response are listed below.

  • 63.3% of Michigan voters believe Gov. Whitmer is aggressively working on getting the pandemic under control and protecting public health.
  • 82.7% of Michigan residents believe the situation is the same or worse than April.
  • 68.2% of Michigan voters support the State Legislature passing a requirement that everyone must wear a mask indoors in public places.

These poll numbers show the results as a whole, but the numbers are quite a bit different when they are broken down along political party lines. You can see the complete results of the poll, with all of the breakouts here.

I have been saying since the beginning of the pandemic that Governor Whitmer is in a lose lose position. There is no way that she wants to put businesses at risk of closing by shutting them down, but public safety is driving most of these decisions. If she were to just leave everything completely open, then the Covid numbers and deaths would continue to rise. This is a situation where no matter what her administration decides, there will be many angry people.

I can't imagine being in her shoes during this pandemic, knowing that your future in politics is threatened over decisions made to keep people safe.

I guess the only way things get better is if we start to work towards a safe compromise instead of worrying about recalls, kidnapping, and threats against both sides of our leadership.


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