The Michigan State Police are urging all New Years Eve drivers to be safe and drive sober tonight.

The MSP have made no secret about the fact that they will be increasing patrols tonight, and the focus will be on looking for impaired drivers. This is all part of the 'Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over' campaign that the MSP have had in place all year.

Police are trying not to discourage people from going out and having a great time tonight, but the focus is on having a sober driver.

Another point that the MSP would like to remind everyone of that driving impaired does not just mean alcohol. Now that recreational marijuana is legal in Michigan, they want to remind you that it is still illegal to drive high.

No matter what your plans are for tonight, have fun and stay safe. If you are looking for a great party, then you should definitely check out the Flinttown Countdown.

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