A Southeast Michigan dentist is looking for 16 patients to receive dental implants at a significantly reduced cost, as part of a teaching program for doctors learning new dental techniques.

Dr. Timothy F. Kosinski, a Bingham Farms, Michigan dentist is looking for individuals who are willing to be evaluated to see if they are eligible for the program. Bingham Farms is located between Birmingham and Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Candidates must be missing upper or lower back teeth and have no uncontrolled medical problems. A no-fee evaluation will be completed to determine if they are candidates for this teaching program.

If selected, eligible individuals will receive a dental implant and abutment at a greatly reduced cost. After healing, a crown over the implant will be created by Dr. Kosinski, also at a reduced fee. All patients accepted in this program will receive a CT scan, or three dimensional X-ray to determine their need.

Anyone interested in the reduced implant procedure should contact Dr. Kosinski's office, SmileCreator of Bingham Farms. To find out if you qualify please call Jan or Lorry at 248-646-8651 or visit the website to schedule a free, no cost or obligation appointment.

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