Gavin Dingman, 11 years old, has been receiving death threats after he killed an albino buck in Oceola Township in early October.Gavin and his father, Mickey, have been attacked on the internet, and mainly on social media, for their decision to kill an albino 12-point buck. However, the deer was harvested legally and cleanly with a cross-bow. Some people have suggested that the boy should kill himself, or be put into a death camp. Seriously?? What grown adult would wish death upon a child, just because their opinion is different? Somebody who is close-minded, that's who.

To be totally transparent, I don't agree with hunting. I understand that, in most instances, it's about population control. Personally, I don't like the idea of killing defenseless animals. But that's MY opinion, and it's not right or wrong. I don't care if people hunt, it's just not something I would do myself. But to threaten death to an 11-year-old boy for hunting? That's inexcusable.

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Photos by Michael Crowley via Getty Images