Michigan State Football has their new head coach, and it is an unlikely homecoming for Mel Tucker.

Tucker has been the head coach at Colorado, and as most recently as last week, he turned down the job at Michigan State. Reports that MSU power brokers came in and convinced him to come to MSU are running all over the internet.

Tucker actually started his career as a graduate assistant at Michigan State under Nick Saban. He has been on both NFL and college sidelines, but only has one year of head coaching experience. Last season at Colorado was his first year, and he vowed to stay with the Buffalo's on Twitter.

Who can hate on Tucker though for jumping at the chance to double his salary all while moving back to a familiar place. Well, Twitter isn't having a hard time finding ways to roast him.

No matter how harsh the internet is on Tucker for going back on his tweet, the facts are that he is a good fit for Michigan State. The program is in dire need of something new to help get Sparty football back on track.

There has been no official word from Michigan State yet, but an announcement should come some time today.

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