When you go into a  fast food restaurant's play area do you think they're clean? If you said no, you're not alone. Erin Carr-Jordan, a child development specialist and mother of four, has been banned from eight McDonald's in the Phoenix area. Presumably for swabbing the children's play areas for germs.

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The Chicago Tribune reports that Carr-Jordan was banned from the restaurants for sharing lab results with local health authorities. The tests showed the presence of infectious staph bacteria among other pathogens at a McDonald's restaurant.

McDonald's hasn't been her only target, she's fighting the battle in various ways. In addition to the swabbing, she tends to take video evidence as well. On her website Kids Play Safe, you'll find about two dozen videos she says were taken at play areas in McDonald's and Burger Kings around the country. The videos detail curse words scrawled on plastic slides; gum and muck stuck into the crevices and corners of the play structures along with grime and dirtiness.

As a result of her under cover work, she received a hand-delivered notice from an attorney representing a McDonald's franchise owner informing her that she was prohibited from entering any of his McDonald's.

Carr-Jordan has had a growing a media presence in newspapers and on television. She was recently invited to talk about her findings on Anderson Cooper's daytime show.

It's stomach-turning stuff, that's how I describe the video below. Take a look for yourself.