Jakob Perez's parents are hopeful that their son can see a bright future. But the Chesaning couple knows that their son must receive five organ donations in order to lead a normal life.

The 2-year-old boy suffers from Microvillus Inclusion, a disease which affects only about 100 people world wide. His parents, Joshua and Mickaela tell ABC-12 their son is hooked to an IV for about 18 hours each day in order for him to receive nourishment. Microvilli, which are missing from the boy's stomach and intestine, help absorb nutrients into the system.

Jakob needs both intestines, a stomach, pancreas, and liver, and each of the organs must come from the same child who weighs under 30 pounds whose blood type is B+. The couple is mindful that in order for organs to become available, another family must suffer an unthinkable loss.

Their goal is to urge as many people as possible to sign up to be organ donors, knowing that sometimes families can find comfort when something good comes from tragedy.

"In the midst of the most gut-wrenching, soul-crushing sorrow that anyone ever has to go through, you made the decision to say yes and for that you are so many peoples' hero," she says.