I was shopping the other day and really noticed how the salesperson was lying to me because she wanted me to buy some jeans. I tried on a pair which were pretty tight and of course the salesperson told me they would stretch. Sorry, they're too tight so I'm not going to buy them!

Besides saying something will stretch, there are other lies salespeople will tell you because they want you buy something, according to Racked.com. Check them out after the jump to see if you agree with these lies.

Salespeople will also tell you that something will shrink in the wash if there's isn't a smaller size available. Let's be honest, clothes do not shrink even if you wash them in warm water and dry them. I've tried it several times because I've believed it from the salesperson.

How many times have you heard a salesperson say you could dress something up or down? I've heard it before with any type of clothing I'm trying on. Or if you're buying a coat, have you ever had a salesperson tell you to buy it bigger so it's not tight when you wear sweaters? I've also heard this line as well. What has a salesperson told you to try to get you to buy something?