Britney Spears 2004 hit 'Toxic' gets a sexy, acoustic makeover from Jayme Dee . This guitar strumming bombshell comes to us way of Southern California, she has been covering songs and posting them on YouTube for years.

We are sure there are Britney fans out there that would like to argue that no one could cover a Britney song and kill it -- well, Jayme Dee sure did. This acoustic version is filled with Jayme's sultry voice that will give you chills and the ocean waves aren't just there for ambiance. Jayme and her friends filmed this video at 2 AM in South Carolina, while getting yelled at by an older lady that said they were being too loud.

Just watch this video and you will have a whole new respect for the club hit 'Toxic,' which should now be a beautiful acoustic song. Check out more of Jayme's work on YouTube, Facebook and some original work on Myspace (yes, that site still exists.)