Rumors of Grand Blanc getting a Costco Wholesale store have been circulating for years. Those rumors really started to ramp up in 2022.

[UPDATE] Since first writing this article, many reliable sources have come forward telling me that the rumors are in fact true.

Back in September, we told you about one of the many rumors. A man said that while he and his wife were shopping at a Costco somewhere in Michigan, the cashier told them they were planning to put a Costco in Grand Blanc.

To this day, we still can't find anything confirming this as Grand Blanc is not listed on Costco's website listing of new stores opening in 2023.

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New Costco Coming to Grand Blanc Rumor:

Over the weekend a woman posted in the Nextdoor app claiming that there was a Costco coming to Grand Blanc.

When people asked the woman where she got her information from she said she got it from "a reliable news source."

A lot of people blew it off as nothing more than a rumor. However, one user said he'd heard more specifically about where the Costco location would be and it wasn't in Grand Blanc but pretty close.

I heard from a guy that supposedly knows someone at Cosco that they are planning to open a new store on Hill road past the 23 overpass. However, I will believe when I see it.

Another woman backed up the claim of Costo coming to Grand Blanc.

Costco is coming to Grand Blanc and should be completed in a little over one year! I just contacted them! We can’t wait!

If the rumors are in fact true, we could see a Costco going up in Grand Blanc in 2023 or possibly 2024.

While I would love nothing more than for this to be true, I'm not sure if it actually is. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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