A woman with blindness sought help through a stranger via an app to find out if her boyfriend was cheating on her.

TikTok user @annaconda309 posted a video to explain how her first time using an app as a volunteer was quite unusual. The Be My Eyes app assists people with blindness or limited vision help with everyday tasks through its volunteers, sighted users who can sign up for free and request a video call at a moment's notice. Anna downloaded the app years prior but because of how many volunteers are on the app (roughly 16 volunteers per one person who is visually impaired), this was the first time that she was alerted to a user needing assistance. When Anna got the ping, she accepted the response. She was expecting that it would be a regular task, such as picking out an outfit, confirming something like a color or ingredient, or an everyday activity. She was in for a surprise.

“Nope, this girl straight goes, ‘So this is my boyfriend’s cellphone, and I want you to read me the names in his call history,'” Anna told her followers, and explained that the woman on the other end sounded extremely upset. "I’m like, ‘Excuse me?'" but Anna decided to help her out. According to his call history, there was another woman who he called multiple times recently "and she was not happy about" the discovery. Unfortunately, Anna couldn't get any other information or details from the user before she hung up.

"So I’m glad after all these years I was finally able to help someone, but it wasn’t the type of help that I was expecting to do," Anna concluded. Be My Eyes even reposted the TikTok.

Others who are volunteers on the app, flooded her comments section with some unusual requests they aided with. One person helped a woman read a pregnancy test, which was positive and was excited about the news. Meanwhile, a person with blindness was able to diagnose a sighted person's car trouble by a sound he heard from her end after she helped him with a task.

"I once had an old man call me to read out his birthday cards," one person wrote. "I've been on the app since 2019 the best call I've got is a lady who dropped her black goldfish on a black bathroom rug, it was a wild time," another person shared.

"Years ago I helped a guy from London pick out a shirt because he was blind and had a friend with him but the friend color blind and couldn’t tell if his clothes matched it was great," another responded.

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