Chipotle CEO is speaking out on portion sizes and how to get more at the chain.

In a TikTok posted by Fortune, Brian Niccol shares the secret to get more while speaking out on the portion sizes at the restaurant.

"First I can tell you that the portions have not gotten smaller. One of the things I think is great about Chipotle is if you come into the restaurant and you want a little more rice or you want a little more pico, all you gotta do is kind of like..." he says before nodding his head to one side with a little shrug.

"Usually our guys, and women, give them a little more scoop," he continued.

He goes on to say that the chain is focused on giving people big portions "that get them excited about the food."

When it comes to double the amount of meat, no gesture will do, because he said that the customer will end up having to pay for that.

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Niccol's words come after chatter on TikTok arose about the portion sizes at the restaurant chain, where people claimed that the portions at the locations have been cutting down on the amount that they give.

Additionally, videos from the trend on the social media platform surfaced and claimed that the restaurant told its employees to give larger portions to customers recording video on their phones as they waited for their meal.

"It really kind of bums me out, frankly, when people do this videoing thing," Niccol said after the videos went viral.

"Because, like, it is a little rude to our team members. And our team members, their desire is to give our customers a great experience," he concluded.

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