A hankering for Hot Pockets may have saved the life of a man. Seriously.

You may have heard about the horrible accident in Akron, Ohio where a twin-engine charter jet slammed into an apartment complex on Tuesday (11/10). According to investigators, all nine passengers aboard the plane were killed, but luckily no one was home in the apartment complex when the accident occurred.

Jason Bartley via NBCNews.com

We have since learned about one resident of the apartment complex that thwarted death because he craved the flaky crust goodness of Hot Pockets. Jason Bartley, a 38-year-old factory worker, usually would've been home around the time when the accident occurred, but he decided to do a few errands before heading home from work. He went to the bank and stopped at the Dollar General to buy Hot Pockets.

Bartley thought, when coming home to see his apartment a flame, that: "I left something on and my apartment caught fire." Not thinking that a plane had crashed into his apartment complex.

Bartley is one of twelve families that have been displaced due to the accident, but Bartley realizes that he is lucky yo be alive. "Really, I guess it was dumb luck," Bartley commented to NBC News.