The event is described as a "fun filled evening with drink and bowling specials and show your support for equal civil rights for ALL."

Last week, the Village of Holly Council voted no to a human rights ordinance that would give members of the LGBT community the same civil rights as other groups.

Overall, in the state of Michigan, it is legal to discriminate against somebody in the LGBT community - whether it be employment, housing, etc. However, 40 municipalities in the state have adopted their own human rights ordinances to protect people who are LGBT. Holly, however, voted it down by 1-6.

In response, Holly Lanes is having a LGBT+Friends Appreciation Night tomorrow night, starting at 6 PM. It's located at 2430 Grange Hall Road and is open to the public, as well as local businesses that want to discuss the matter.

Hey, we're down with anything that involves bowling and drink specials, especially if it's for a good cause. Love is love, right?