Governor Snyder's daughter attends a private school - Greenhills School, in Ann Arbor.  The annual tuition? $20,000.  However, that's apparently not enough.  The school has posted a video on YouTube appealing for funds.

Ironic, don't you think, when you consider the fact that Governor Snyder just signed legislation which will cut per-pupil funding for Michigan public school students by $370, bringing the yearly allowance down to $6,846.  That's quite the comparison.

The Michigan Messenger reports that Governor Rick Snyder's Communications Director issued a statement saying that the Snyders have nothing to do with the school's fund-raising efforts. “The Snyders have nothing to do with the organization of this fund drive and are not involved in the planning or delivery of the campaign. Any questions about the school or their efforts should be directed to Greenhills."

It's amazing to me that $20,000 per pupil isn't enough to make ends meet for the Governor's daughter's school, yet public schools are afforded just over one third of that amount.  It's no wonder Ithaca Public Schools Superintendent Nathan Bootz wrote a sarcastic letter, asking Snyder to turn his school into a prison.

Check out the video, in which the school Governor Snyder's daughter attends, appeals for money.  Good luck with that.



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