The type of flags flying on Genesee County buildings will be now be limited to a select few.  In a follow up to a recent story we brought you at the beginning of May, Genesee County commissioners made the decision to ban the flying of issue-related flags at their county buildings.

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The resolution was passed Wednesday after the debate started regarding the proposal to fly the Thin Blue Line flag in honor of Police Appreciation month. Earlier this month, a resolution was introduced by Genesee County Commissioner Shaun Shumaker to declare May "Police Appreciation Month" and fly the Thin Blue Line flag outside county buildings. The proposed move was met with controversy and a divided community. Some strongly felt the flag represented hate and racism, while others felt the flag was a symbol of thanks to those who have lost their lives while vowing to protect and serve.

In early May, the board voted 5 to 4 to send the resolution back to committee to the go to the Diversity and Equity Inclusion committee for a recommendation. During their meeting Wednesday, Commissioners approved the ban to fly the flag. According to ABC-12, the new resolution only allows county, state and U.S. flags to fly at Genesee County facilities. Thin Blue Line, LGBTQ pride and other flags supporting various issues or policies will not be allowed on land owned by the county government.

The Genesee County Board of Commissioners still plans, however,  to recognize May as Police Appreciation Month, but now that will not include the display of the Thin Blue Line flag.


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