The latest news on our local health is not good.  A recent study by the Wisconsin Population Health Institute ranked all 82 counties in Michigan on several lifestyle and environmental factors and Genesee county ranked76th out of 82.    Here's some of the stats that led to the unhealthy ranking:  Adult Obesity 35%, smoking 25%, excessive drinking 17%.   Sexually transmitted diseases, teen births, single parent households, unemployment, crime and poverty were all well above national averages.  Education levels also lagged behind the national averages in both high school graduation rates and those attending at least some college.

There were some positives for our area.  Pollution is low in our area, and access to health care is actually quite good compared to most Michigan counties.

Many of these problems are the result of lifestyle choices, and for many are things that can be changed.  It won't be easy or a quick fix.  But it can be done.  Get moving!  And bring your family with you.

In case you're wondering, Clare County ranked last in the survey.