Wow..Quite a week for Eric. This story is not what you think.

This story is about the recount from the last election. Yes, the one that got him elected. Maybe this is the 'narrow margin victory' Mr. Mays was celebrating last weekend when he was busted for DUI and drug possession. The final tally has Mays with 710 votes and Brown with 702. Mays stays and wins by eight votes.

Brown requested the recount, in part, because the numbers were so close, but also because she believes there were transparency issues at the polls.No...not that never in a million years. Here's a quote from Eric Mays: ""I'm blessed,"  "It's a needed victory at this time." "I want this position and I'm glad that not only did the recount hold up, but I picked up a vote.  I needed that positive spin right now."

Spin..really? I would imagine..looks like you dodged that one Eric. Let's see how well you fare on the next issue..criminal issue. He declined comment on his  drunken driving and marijuana possession arrest over the weekend. I would imagine. If you haven't  picked up on it by now. Yes I think he should step down!! Do you?

ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI