A new illegal opiate which originated in Russia is now being exported to other countries, including the US. Krokodil is being referred to as a flesh-eating zombie drug, and is said to be a cheap substitute for heroin. It's easier to manufacture because it's made from inexpensive materials like crushed codeine tablets, iodine, and gasoline or lighter fluid.

The drug eats away at the flesh, often causing gangrene, exposed muscle or bone, and leaves the victim vulnerable to dangerous infections. Krokodil gets its name from the black or green scaly skin condition exhibited by users, which resembles that of a crocodile.

So far, cases have been reported in Oklahoma, Arizona, and the Chicago suburb of Joliet, Illinois.

Please proceed with caution, as some of the images in the video below are very graphic. If ever there were a drug you should warn your friends and family about, this would be it.

- George McIntyre
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