This is the first year that students were allowed to pose with props in their yearbook photos. Having said that, one prop in particular is now causing a lot of controversy. In fact, the prop and the photo have been banned from the yearbook because it might promote teen pregnancy.

Caitlin Tiller is a 17-year-old high school student who gave birth to her son in April of 2012. Later that summer, she had her senior pictures taken. Some shots included her baby, since students had been invited to pose with props that represented their achievements. To Caitlin, it was a natural choice. "I wouldn't be the person I am today without him."

Caitlin has gone on to work harder, graduate early, start college classes and work 30 hours a week.

Last month, just a few days before the yearbooks went to print, Caitlin was informed that her picture with her son was unacceptable and would not appear in the yearbook. School officials allegedly told her that the photo might promote teen pregnancy. Caitlin disagrees. She sees herself as a positive role model, as a teen mother and a high school graduate. "I want everyone to see that you can make a mistake and overcome it." She continues, "And then I don't want to say Leelin is a mistake, because he's not. But everyone bumps their heads."

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Do you think that Caitlin is an acceptable role model, or do you think that school officials were right to ban the photo of the new mom and her baby from the school's yearbook? Do you think that Caitlin's photo actually promotes teen pregnancy?