The Heidelberg Project has been a icon in Detroit for 30 years, but after the creator's latest announcement, fans are confused about its future.

The Detroit News is repoting that the Heidelberg as we know it will be dismantled over the next two years. Over 200,000 people annualy visit the two block area of detroit where the non-profiit art instilation sits. When creator Tyree Guyton constructed the project in 1986, the idea was to bring people together. Guyton sparkked controversy over the years when numerous people said his project was just piles of junk, and not art at all. I think it is safe to say that with over 200,000 visitors each year Guyton reached his goal of bringing prople together.

There are rumors flying about why Guyton is dismantling the project, including one that he is trying to reduce his footprint and be more green. A spokesperson for the project says "The Heidelberg Project didn't take shape in its current form overnight and dismantling it won't take place overnight. Every day Guyton is taking something out, he's making something new."