Longtime radio disc jockey John O’Leary was recently found stabbed to death in his Highland Park home.

The body of John O’Leary, 68 was found by police in his Highland Park home Sunday after friends reported him missing.

According to The Detroit News, a man is in police custody awaiting arraignment on murder charges in connection with the stabbing. From what I understand he was murdered by his roommate.

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Other reports claim that Highland Police received calls last week stating that O'Leary was dead in his backyard but when police went to investigate, he wasn't there. They later went back on Sunday and checked again and this time they found him buried under some debris in the backyard.

A motive is expected to be released sometime today as the suspect will be officially charged.

Detroit disc jockey Doug Podell (former coworker and boss):

He was very passionate about radio. He was almost a historian when it came to Detroit radio, and he was just about to launch a podcast with some friends looking at the early days of Detroit rock radio


I never met O'Leary but I knew who he was from listening to him on the radio way back in the day. He was part of the Detroit music/radio scene for decades as he worked nearly 40 years at rock radio stations WWWW, WLLZ, WCSX and WABX. What an amazing career he had over the years and will truly be missed by his family, friends, former coworkers, and all the Detroit listeners that grew up listening to him.

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