About 62 years later, a purse that was stolen from a Detroit woman has been returned. A construction crew, doing demolition on the Book Tower building in Detroit discovered it tucked away above a ceiling. For Margaret, its contents turned out to be a time capsule.

"I was really upset because I had never had anything stolen from me before," she said. "It's craziness, to find after 60 some years, someone is looking for you."

Jenni Roe, the wife of the construction worker who found the purse, can be credited with returning it to its owner.

"It was so old I mean the purse was dusty but everything inside of the purse was amazing," Jenni said. "You just knew that these were awesome things that someone would want to have back"

Jenni tells Fox 2 she used Facebook to locate Margaret's son David. The camera was rolling when he returned the purse to his mom.

The purse contains all sorts of memories for the woman like a picture of her father, a handkerchief from her mother, and plenty of pictures and handwritten notes.

Margaret notes that this event comes at the perfect time. She has recently moved into an assisted living facility, and she appreciates having something special from her past.

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