What an amazing little encounter for these two!

According to the Macomb County Scanner's Facebook page, PGA Pro Jason Michael Dudzinski and his fiance, Katie Nolff were golfing at Indian Springs Metropark in White Lake over the weekend when they had a chance encounter with a beautiful deer.

Katie works as a realtor in Oakland County.

The deer slowly approaches Katie as she's about to sink a putt and gently sniffs her hand. Dudzinski can be heard saying, "Make the putt" in the background as Katie mingles with the animal. And that she did - Katie landed the putt and celebrated with the deer, who was still hanging out.

My favorite part is how his voice changes when he approaches the deer. Most men are able to achieve the "baby animal voice" phenomenon if they want to, and Jason is no different.

One of the comments on the video explains why this particular animal was so friendly - Todd Gordon from White Lake said that it's his deer and that the young buck is one of a set of triplets: two bucks and a doe. He even posted a picture of the same buck giving him a kiss.

Full disclosure - I've only been golfing once and I hated every second of it. Granted, I was golfing with people who were much better than me, but I still hated it. I fell in a mud puddle which, to me, was the universe's way of saying "this isn't your thing." However, if I could be Snow White on the golf course with animals eating out of my hand like this, I'd take up the sport again.

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