"They say the odds of winning the lottery are one in a million. This pup was the winner this week"

Jarrett Little, a mountain biker from Georgia, was out riding with friends when he saw a dog in the woods that needed help. He said that the dog's ribs were showing, it had road rash and a broken leg - it was obviously hit by a car and was suffering. The cyclists fed the dog and gave him water, and they decided to get him out of the woods...except that all they had were bikes; nobody had a vehicle.

So Jarrett hoisted the injured pup onto his back and took off into town. When they arrived in Columbus, Georgia, they met a woman at the local bike shop who was in town from Maine - Andrea Shaw was so moved by the story that she decided to take the dog in herself to get medical help. She ended up paying for his surgery and even found an organization that would help get the pup back to her horse farm in Maine. She named him Columbo, and calls him "Bo" for short.

You can follow Columbo's adventures (literally) on Facebook. He's settling in nicely to the horse farm, and we're crying.

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