This project may have started with a dare from a co-worker, but Christina Stephens says that her ability to explore the extra space below the stump that was her right leg makes her feel "superhuman." Prepare to be inspired!

Christina Stephens lost her leg last year, but she has turned her disability into a source of strength, and says that she feels "superhuman" when she explores the space below her stump, where her leg used to be.

Christina is quickly becoming an internet superstar for creating a prosthetic leg from Legos. The project started as a dare from a co-worker, but she was up for the challenge. It took her two days to create the artificial limb, and Christina admits that she can only walk short distances. She's not done though! Her next goal is to fashion another leg from Legos, this time with a functional foot and ankle. Look for "Lego Leg 2.0."

In the meantime, watch this brave young woman put the "leg" in Lego with her creation of a prosthetic leg made from Legos.



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