The botox mom who said she gives her eight-year-old daughter botox injections, claims she made it up for money. Kerry Campbell who is supposedly Sheena Upton, says she was paid by a British tabloid to make up the entire story, according to TMZ

Upton says 'The Sun' approached her and offered her $200 and gave her a script and a fake story to share to the world. Sure she says this after California child services took her daughter away so they could investigate her.

Her first interview was on 'Good Morning America' and Upton actually blames them for not checking all the facts first before telling her story. Sure, blame someone else, but what about her actions? If you're going to lie for some publicity, you should really want more than $200.

So, do you think she made up the story? Or is she lying to try to protect herself so she can keep her daughter? The whole thing is very bizarre and doesn't make any sense. I think she really did give her daughter the injections and is trying to get even more publicity out of the whole thing.