Super hero, or super villan? That question kept running through Stephen Colbert's mind as he talked with billionaire Elon Musk this week. It's an understandable question because Musk has SO much money, and is doing SO many good things for the future of humanity, and Planet Earth.

Being the CEO of the electric car, Tesla, Musk is always looking to create new technologies that make gas-powered anything a thing of the past. Elon and his team is in the prototype phase of a car charger that plugs itself in! He warns not to drop anything in front of the prototype.

So what does Musk have his sights set on now? Colonizing Mars! He says that we need to heat the planet and create an atmosphere, and there are two ways to do it. The slow way would involve shipping Earth's greenhouse gases to Mars or creating the gases on site. Or there's the fast way, where we would detonate nuclear weapons at Mars' poles.

What say you? If there was a vacancy on The Red Planet, would you want to check-in?