Jeffery Daian, Chistopher Vendietti and Michael Tocco were with Ryan Tsatsos the night CMU freshman was killed by a hit and run driver.

Tsatsos' best friends reflected on his life, and have a message for the driver who police say may have been going as fast as 80 mph.

"We're not mad at you," they tell a Northern Michigan TV station. "We just want you, for the family, if you're watching this, to please turn yourself in. It's for the family. It's not for me, it's not for my two friends here. It's for the family. They've gone through a lot the past couple months. They can't sleep. Nobody can sleep. We just want to figure it all out. If you could please just do the right thing. God knows what happened. We just want you to do the right thing."

Tsatsos' only sibling, older brother Daryl was killed in an auto accident three months ago. That accident is still under investigation as well.